Sample/hold chip offers designers a stand-alone alternative

Mansfield, Mass.&#8212Touting next-generation performance, C&D Technologies' SHM-50 offers designers a basic stand-alone sample-and-hold amplifier, as opposed to the sample-and-hold devices with integrated A/D converter that have widely come into use.

The amp, designed as a space-efficient building block for basic pulse-type sampling applications in radar and imaging, versus sampling and processing, uses a FET-input amplifier design suited to high speed, a precision MOS hold capacitor, MOSFET switching configuration, and a TTL interface. The chip, with a small-signal bandwidth of 70 MHz, boasts an acquisition time of 40 nanoseconds for a 2-volt step to &plusmn0.01 percent accuracy, and 80 ns (maximum) to &plusmn0.005 percent&#8212equivalent to 14-bit accuracy, according to the company. Sample-and-hold settling time is typically 30 nanoseconds (100 ns maximum) to &plusmn0.01 percent for an aperture uncertainty of just &plusmn2 picoseconds. Feed-through attenuation is 78 dB. In addition, the device maintains its specifications over -55 to +125&degC, among the widest of any sample-and-hold.

Click here for the device datasheet. The SHM50, available in through-hole and surface-mount 8-pin mini-DIP packages, is priced at $87 each in unit quantities, and $65 each in 100 pieces. Lead time is from from stock to 6 weeks.

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