Samplify moves SAM1600 ADC family to production

LONDON — Samplify Systems Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.), a vendor of data converters, has announced what it claims is the lowest-power, highest channel-count 12-bit ADC.

The SAM1600 ADCs have achieved production qualification on UMC's 130-nm bulk CMOS process and include the company's compression technology. The part offers 16 channels and 12-bit resolution at 44-mW power consumption per channel.

The SAM1600 family is enhanced by the integration of Samplify's patented Prism data compression technology, which reduces the number of LVDS I/O pairs, and thereby the power they consume, by up to 75 percent for high-channel density applications such as ultrasound front-ends, 4G wireless base stations, wireless repeaters, automated test equipment and RADAR/SONAR receivers.

“Qualifying devices for production can trip up even the largest semiconductor companies, yet our team was able to go from sampling to production qualification without any changes to the die, an amazing feat considering having a high level of digital integration and having twice the number of ADC channels of competing devices,” said Tom Sparkman, Samplify CEO, in a statement.

Pricing for the SAM1610, SAM1605, and SAM1600 is $79.00, $39.50, and $64.00 in 1,000-unit quantities, respectively. Customers using any SAM16xx family devices receive a royalty-free license to Samplify's Prism decompression FPGA IP or software. A complete ADC evaluation board with data analysis software is also available now for $1,995.00.

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