Samsung launches 2008 Plasma TV line

Samsung Electronics, a worldwide leader in innovation and HDTV technology, brings the lifelike experience of big-screen, Full HD 1080p home entertainment into the homes of consumers with its Series 5 550 and Series 6 Plasma HDTVs. Combining next-generation technologies with a classic exterior design, the Series 5 showcases the highest level of home entertainment currently available from television, movies, video games and more. By employing Samsung's proprietary DNIe+ (Digital Natural Imaging engine), the Series 5 550 Plasma ensures that content viewed onscreen is exactly what was originally intended by the show producer, movie director, or game developer. The Series 6 Plasma HDTV lineup offers viewers a luxurious new design with the latest technological advancements. The Series 6 features a unique Touch of Color (ToC) design: a subtle yet sophisticated hue of red in the piano black bezel mimicking the gradation of a sunset. Displaying images in clear and vibrant Full HD 1080p resolution, the Series 6 Plasma HDTVs performance is supplemented with instant access to the latest digital devices and multimedia, along with an intuitive menu system.

The Series 5 550
According to Steve Panosian director of Visual Display Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, “The Series 5 550 Plasma represents Samsung's desire to provide a powerful plasma display for consumers that offers top picture quality, higher-end features and a modern-looking design without going above and beyond their home theater budget. Samsung's dedication to satisfy the ever-expanding needs of its consumers is apparent with the Series 5 550 Plasma, which is ready for the multitude of both current and next-generation multimedia content becoming available every day.”

Capable of displaying the highest resolution currently available in the marketplace — Full HD 1080p — the Samsung Series 5 550 Plasma is compatible with the very latest in HD entertainment from movies, video games and beyond. A dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1 and Samsung's FilterBright anti-glare technology combine to create stunningly deep blacks and clear, pure whites even in brightly-lit rooms. Samsung's next generation of DNIe+ and Natural True Color 18-bit processing ensure images have lifelike levels of detail and accuracy, even when fast movement and subtle color tones are onscreen. Samsung's new Silhouette Editor eliminates false image contours, keeping the picture sharp at all times, while three different enhancement modes (Sports, Cinema and Game) can adjust audio and video processing for the content being shown. With the Series 5's built-in ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM tuners, consumers can instantly receive over-the-air digital and HD programming where available.

For consumers to enjoy the wide variety of home theater multimedia and entertainment options available today, the Samsung Series 5 550 Plasma features a full suite of high-quality connections. Three HDMI 1.3 connections — two at the rear and one on the side — allow for transmission of the latest HD audio and video, while the HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) functionality enables multiple home theater devices to be controlled through a single remote. The side-mounted USB 2.0 (Wiselink) provides direct access to JPEG photo and MP3 audio files from portable devices such as digital cameras, portable media players and memory sticks. The Series 5 550 Plasma is available now in both 50-inch (PN50A550 @ $2,299) and 58-inch (PN58A550 @ $3,599) sizes.

The Series 6 650
Panosian added, “With the Series 6 650 Plasma, Samsung looks to provide consumers superior picture quality and gorgeous design in a HDTV that can be showcased as a home entertainment centerpiece. By combining a variety of both next-generation and current technologies, including InfoLink RSS access and Ultra FilterBright anti-glare technology, the Series 6 650 Plasma is a high-profile addition for most any home theater environment.”

Reflecting Samsung's design policy of aggressive innovation, the ToC design featured in the Series 6 650 Plasma breaks free from the mold of conventional black, box-like more-bezels seen across the industry. Samsung is the first manufacturer in the HDTV industry to employ dual-injection technology commonly used in the design of premium automobiles, which embeds color not with paint or dye, but instead with material. By controlling the density of the transparent and opaque material used in the process, the resulting bezel mimics a natural sunset with distinct red and black gradation. The inspiration of nature in the ToC bezel is also apparent in the effect that ambient light levels have on the red hue's brightness, offering an ambience that is reminiscent of viewing a piece of art. The idea of ToC ultimately stems from Samsung's desire to give consumers a well-designed HDTV that fits into any home not only as an entertainment hub, but as a piece of functional art.

Able to display Full HD 1080p resolution, the highest available today, the Series 6 650 Plasma also features a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, thus being able to produce deeper blacks and purer whites onscreen. Samsung's Ultra FilterBright anti-glare technology keeps the picture clear and bright even in well-lit environments, while next-gen DNIe Pro video processing and 18-bit Natural True Color make sure consumers can enjoy each and every subtle detail without sacrificing picture quality.

For added convenience, the Samsung Wireless LinkStick allows consumers to access the InfoLink RSS feature on their Series 6 650 Plasma wirelessly. While a connection to the Internet via an appropriate modem or router is still required, consumers will no longer need to run an Ethernet cable directly to their HDTV. For customers who purchase a Series 6 650 Plasma prior to May 2008, a firmware update will be available for download to enable compatibility with the accessory. The Wireless LinkStick (WIS-08BGX/XAA) is available now at an estimated selling price of $34.99.

Recognizing that more consumers use their HDTV as the cornerstone of their home entertainment centers, Samsung added enhanced connectivity to the Series 6 Plasma HDTVs. Consumers can now input, access, and manage more HD devices than ever before through the set's four HDMI 1.3 inputs (three at the rear, one on the side) with CEC networking technology (Anynet+). Using the side-mounted USB 2.0 port (Wiselink), consumers can also enjoy their MP3 music and JPEG photo files from digital devices by playing them directly through the HDTV. The Samsung Series 6 650 Plasma is available now in the following sizes: 50-inches, 58-inches and 63-inch sizes. (Model numbers: PN50A650 @ $2,599, PN58A650 @ $3,999 and PN63A650 @ $4,999).

The Series 4 450
Samsung also introduced what the company claims is the world's first 3D-ready Plasma TVs. See Samsung intros world’s first 3D-ready Plasma HDTV.

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