SARFT-compliant silicon tuner targets STB market in China

Eindhoven, Netherlands—NXP Semiconductors has launched a highly integrated silicon tuner—TDA18252HN—with multi-standard digital cable reception to address the domestic Chinese set-top box (STB) market.

The TDA18252HN is being is marketed by NXP as the first SARFT-compliant silicon tuner that will revolutionize the Chinese cable STB market by offering a cost savings and performance efficiencies to manufacturers and operators, compared with tuner solutions used today. SARFT stands for The State Administration of Radio, Film and TV; it is China's top regulator for the broadcasting industry.

Manufacturers can further reduce time-to-market with a half NIM reference design using NXP's TDA18252HN that is pin-to-pin compatible with conventional CAN tuners widely in use in Asia currently, the company said.

NXP's silicon tuner reduces the power dissipation by consuming 800mW during normal operation and less power when the IC is in standby mode. Additionally, the built-in IF selectivity eliminates the need for high cost external filtering.

The TDA18252HN is ideally suited for DVB-C and digital cable STB applications, with support for other global standards, including SCTE-40, J-QAM and NORDIG.

Availability: TDA18252HN will be available the second quarter of 2008.
Datasheet: Click here.

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