Schick Hydro® to Unveil World’s First Custom Power Wet Shave Razor at International Consumer Electronics Show

New Schick Hydro Power Select™ Razor Features First-of-its-Kind Technology

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SHELTON, Conn., Jan. 10, 2012

SHELTON, Conn. , Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today Schick® announced it will debut a revolutionary new custom power razor proven to reduce irritation[1] at the International Consumer Electronics Show January 9 to 13 in Las Vegas . The Schick Hydro Power Select™, on shelves beginning in January 2012 , features technology never before seen in a wet shave razor, including three vibration settings, easy-to-read indicators and a one-touch control button, allowing men to interact with their razor in a new way, while providing the signature Schick Hydro hydration and skin benefits  that men demand.



Schick will unveil this latest piece of shaving  innovation at the world's biggest stage for new technology, CES, as the Schick Hydro Power Select represents a major advancement in the world of men's grooming, offering high-tech comfort control for each day's shave. As the only custom powered wet shave razor on the market, the Schick Hydro Power Select gives men control of their shaves and features innovations that mark an important development in men's grooming.

“As we looked at the research and technology that went into the creation of the Schick Hydro Power Select, we couldn't think of a better place to introduce this product to the world than CES,” said Patrick Kane , Senior Brand Manager for Schick Hydro at Energizer Personal Care. “Alongside the most high-tech new TVs, the most advanced new tablet technology and the coolest new MP3 players, CES attendees will get the chance to see the latest and greatest in men's shaving innovation.” 

Clean Technology – For Your Face – to Power Up CES

The Schick Hydro Power Select booth at CES will offer a place for customized relaxation during the hectic conference week, and visitors will be invited to get powered up for the day ahead in the comfort of a barber chair. Onsite professional barbers will offer smooth shaves in the booth with the cutting edge razor, while Schick Hydro brand representatives give men the information they need to select the most comfortable Schick Hydro Power Select settings for their shave. 

Custom Power Meets Schick Hydro Razor's Signature Hydration

The new Schick Hydro Power Select reinvents the power razor, offering men a shave with custom power proven to reduce irritation while providing hydration throughout each shave. Exclusive features include:

  • Comfort Control System: With a single button push, choose from three vibrations settings, Low, Medium or High, on a conveniently placed one-touch control button that allows users to seamlessly adjust throughout the shave to find the most comfortable level of vibration for their skin.
  • Interactive Digital Interface: An easy-to-read LED screen communicates visually to clearly distinguish which vibration level is in use, another first in the razor category, allowing men to better choose the optimal power for each part of their faces. The screen also communicates the strength of the battery – green for optimal power, red when running low and in need of replacement, and flashing red when the battery is no longer able to power the razor.
  • Sleek Design: Schick Hydro Power Select razor's new high-tech features are reflected in its design, with a modern and masculine look and feel. The ergonomic handle houses 25 electronic components and has just enough heft to feel natural and sturdy in the hand. 

Schick officials report that beyond these technological advancements, the Schick Hydro Power Select retains the revolutionary innovations of the Schick Hydro skin comfort system to refresh, renew and care for men's skin, by helping to reduce irritation and providing hydration throughout each shave. The razors use proprietary technology to pack advanced lubrication into a Hydrating Gel Reservoir to effectively help reduce friction during repeat strokes, while five blades with innovative Skin Guards help control skin flow to reduce friction. A Flip Trimmer allows men to flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir so all five blades touch the skin for a precise trim, as opposed to the single edging blade on most razors.

For more information about the Schick Hydro Power Select razor, visit, follow @HydroExperience and the hash tag #SchickCES on Twitter or go to

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[1] Vs. Hydro 5 Manual

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