SchmartBoard Releases Development Board for TI Microcontrollers

SAN RAMON, Calif. , July 7 /PRNewswire/ — SchmartBoard, a company that makes prototyping electronic circuits easier, has announced a single development board supporting Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) broad microcontroller portfolio, including ultra-low power MSP430, ARM® Cortex™-M3-based Stellaris and real-time control C2000 MCU platforms. For more information, go to

Traditionally, support of an MCU family has required multiple development boards, but Schmartboard's one single development board supports all 64-pin QFP packages in TI's C2000 and MSP430 MCU platforms and all 48-pin QFP packages in TI's Stellaris MCU platform. This is possible because SchmartBoards' “ez” technology makes it easy and flawless to hand solder SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components. The user can simply hand solder the supported MCU of choice to the board and then immediately begin programming. In addition to the cost and ease-of-use advantages to a user, the board also serves as an inventory solution for distributors.  This is because a distributor can now stock the TI Development SchmartModule to support 92 devices. Today a distributor must stock many different boards to support the many TI chips.

“We are excited about working with TI on this product, as it gives developers a cost-effective tool that allows them to fully leverage TI's broad MCU portfolio,” Neal Greenberg , SchmartBoard's VP of sales and marketing.  “We are including the new TI Development Board in our 2010 MCU Design Contest to help kick it off. The contest, which runs from July 2010 through the end of the year, challenges developers to showcase their innovation using TI's MCUs and SchmartBoard's new TI Development Board. The first prize winner will receive an Apple iPad, with many great prizes for second, third and special mentions.” For contest details, go to

“TI recognizes developers need comprehensive, easy-to-use, low-cost tools so that they can quickly take designs from concept to production,” said Jacob Borgeson , MCU product marketing manager, TI. “With Schmartboard's new TI Development SchmartModule, engineers can easily, inexpensively evaluate TI's broad portfolio to best meet their design needs and then immediately start development.”  

The suggested retail for the boards is $30 .  During the month of July only, the product will be sold at the SchmartBoard website for 50% off at $15 .  

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SchmartBoard™ is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible.  SchmartBoard's patented SchmartBoard's “EZ” Technology makes the hand soldering of surface mount components fast and flawless and are utilized by engineers, education and hobbyists for simple to complex electronic circuit design work.

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