Schottky rectifiers shrink

Two schottky rectifiers have been introduced that responds to demand for thinner yet more powerful devices. NXP Semiconductor has added the SOD123W and SOD128 to its MEGA series of schottky rectifiers. The two devices are half the height of SMA packaged schottky rectifiers – the SOD123W is 2.6mm x 1.7mm x 1mm; and the SOD128 is 3.8mm x 2.5mm x 1mm.

The MEGA Schottky rectifier range was designed to meet low-voltage and mobile applications, such as power management circuits, DC/DC converters, step down and synchronous converters, and free-wheeling diodes for inductive load in motors and relays. The latest additions, which are approved to the AEC-Q101 standard and are therefore suitable for automotive and industrial applications, claim a peak current of more than 50A and power dissipation up to 1W. They are footprint-compatible to SMA and SMB packages and are thus suitable as drop-in replacements.

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