SD video filters operate from a 3.3-volt supply

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 family of standard-definition (SD) video filters for set-top boxes and portable consumer applications. These devices are available in single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-channel configurations. They filter CVBS, Y/C, RGB, and Y-Pb-Pr video signals.

The MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 operate from a +2.7V to +3.6V single supply and are specified over the -40° to +125° automotive temperature range. These devices are offered in space-saving SOT23, microMAX, and TQFN packages. The small size and low-power consumption of these devices also make them suitable for other end products including notebook computers, televisions, DVD players, GPS, and car navigation systems.

Each SD video filter can operate from a single +3.3-V supply, which significantly reduces power consumption when compared to competing +5-V video filters and amplifiers historically used in set-top boxes. When used in set-top boxes, the inputs on the MAX9583/MAX9584/MAX9585 and MAX9517 can be directly connected to the outputs of a video digital-to-analog converter (DAC) if the video signal is between ground and approximately +1V. The MAX9587*/MAX9588/MAX9589 and the MAX9524 have AC-coupled inputs, which eliminate the need for external clamping circuits in applications where the input signal is not between ground and approximately +1 V.

To minimize power consumption in portable devices, the MAX9586 (single-channel) and MAX9517/MAX9524 (dual analog-switch extensions of the MAX9586) feature a shutdown mode. The two SPST analog switches on the MAX9517/MAX9524 provide integration and flexibility in circuit design and allow routing of stereo audio, video, or digital signals, said Maxim. The MAX9524 can be used in security/CCTV cameras to drive S-video signals with night-vision support (C-mute).

The video output amplifiers of the MAX9583-MAX9589, MAX9517, and MAX9524 source and sink load current, allowing output loads to be DC- or AC-coupled. Each amplifier provides a fixed gain of + 6 dB. If the supply voltage is greater than +3.135 V (5% below a +3.3 V supply), each amplifier can drive two DC-coupled video loads to ground.

Pricing: Starts at $0.49 for the MAX9583/MAX9587, $0.59 for the MAX9584/MAX9588, $0.69 for the MAX9585/MAX9589, and $0.55 for the MAX9517/MAX9524 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: Samples and evaluation kits are available now.
Product information: SD video filters
Datasheets: MAX9583-85, MAX9586-89, and MAX9517 and MAX9524

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