See no evil, hear no evil

At a friend's house last night, I caught the end of a programme called 'Embarrassing Bodies' and decided there were some things I would rather not see in HD!

Being of the squeamish kind, there's actually a long list of things I would rather not see in great clarity – the latest addition to which is Grand Theft Auto IV, but then I think you could have guessed that wouldn't necessarily be my cup of tea …

With an upcoming TV purchase on the horizon, it spurred me to consider what I actually wanted, before going into an electrical store and being seduced by an array of shiny flatscreens. Suffice to say, whilst 'immersion' might be on some people's wish list, a 21in crt is all I need for the moment and I just found one locally going free.

Let's hope for the electronics industry's sake that there are not many consumers like me. Although I am not alone – a chip designer friend of mine brandishes a ten-year-old mobile phone that for its size and weight could be classified a lethal weapon.

Before my total Luddite status in the TV stakes makes you despair too much, I'll add that we all have our weaknesses. Music is one of mine, and my latest effort to support the consumer electronics industry was to upgrade my iPod docking speaker system. The audio quality of my latest acquisition – bought for just over $100 online – made me reminisce of a Bang & Olufsen CD player with a four figure price tag that I fell in love with about 15 years ago. Spell-bound by the sheer clarity of the sound, I vowed to own one by the time I was 30. I didn't, but thanks to my recent acquisition, I don't (very much) mind.

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