Semi combo creates high-density voice gateway card

Shelton, Conn. and Montreal — TranSwitch Corp. and Octasic Semiconductor Inc. have combined semiconductor devices to implement VoP gateway voice plane functionality on a single card; using only three chips.

The integrated technology for voice-over-packet (VoP) gateway implementation is a combination of TranSwitch's TEPro (RISC processor), and Octasic's OCT8304 (1023 channel, full-duplex packetization engine), and OCT6100 (voice processor) devices.

TEPro is a practical time-division multiplexed (TDM) network interface device for voice gateways, said Frederic Bourget, Octasic's director of product management. “By combining TEPro with Octasic's VoP and echo cancellation (EC) devices on a common H.110 bus, OEMs can rapidly implement high density VoP gateways,” he said.

Previously, there were alternative solutions to handle DS-3 voice over packet processing. “However, the implementation was based on a number of multiple devices including digital signal processing (DSPs), and network processors,” Bourget said.

A leading manufacturer of passive optical network (PON) optical line terminals (OLT), used to enable fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), has completed design and field trials of a retrofittable DS-3-rate high-density VoATM gateway using the TranSwitch/Octasic solution, Bourget added.

The Octasic and TranSwitch devices are interconnected seamlessly with their common H.110 interfaces. Originally designed for CompactPCI applications incorporating a TDM backplane, H.110 is also usable as a device-to-device interconnect, enabling the full-duplex transfer of over 2,000 voice channels across one bus.

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Voice Gateway Block Diagram

The OCT6100-TP evaluation platform is available now. An application note detailing how voice gateways may be implemented using the TranSwitch and Octasic devices will be available in April. All of the products mentioned are available in production quantities.

The OCT6102-672 device, offered in a 16 x 16-mm BGA package, is priced at 50 cents per channel in 5,000s.Click here for the OCT6102-672 data sheet.

The OCT8304 is priced at $225.00 each in 1,000-piece quantities.Click here for the OCT8304 data sheet.

TranSwitch's TEPro is priced at $99.00 each in 1,000-piece quantities.Click here for the TranSwitch TEPro data sheet.

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