Semtech debuts low-power capacitive touch sensor IC platform

Semtech announced the SX864x platform of capacitive sensing ICs that come in 8- and 12-channel models and feature integrated LED drivers.

The platform supports a wide range of button, slider and touch wheel capacitive sensor designs that are increasingly found in white goods, mobile phones, media players, notebooks/netbooks and other consumer electronics.

The capacitive analog interface on each of the seven ICs in the SX864x platform is designed with a highly accurate ADC that provides superior sensitivity to work with overlay materials more than 5mm thick, offering extremely robust and ESD-immune system design.

With current consumption as little as 80µA during operation, 175µA typical in active mode and 8µA typical in sleep mode, these ICs are well suited for battery-powered devices. This SX864x platform also integrates eight, 256-step LED drivers with individual intensity and linear and logarithmic fading control that is optimized for human vision.

The SX864x devices are specifically designed to reduce capacitive touch control design time-to-market. Users may customize various parameters such as scan time, slave address, channel gain and sensitivity thresholds in their applications without the need for new firmware development. False triggers due to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and dust can also be eliminated via our on-chip calibration algorithm.

The devices in the SX864x platform include the 12-channel SX8643/44/45, which are offered in 5x5mm 32-QFN packages; and the 8-channel SX8646/47/48/49 that come in 4x4mm 28-QFN packages. Semtech guarantees all of these devices to operate over the extended -40 to +85°C temperature range.

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