Sensor Signal Conditioner Breaks Ground In Flexibility, Efficiency For 2- To 4-Sensor Applications

Due to its 14-bit A/D converter and very low power, the EM6415 is appropriate for portable sensor and data-acquisition instruments such as the T-Touch watch from Tissot.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo ” November 4, 2003 ” EM Microelectronic, a company of the Swatch Group, announces the EM6415, a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter for use as a programmable link between one to four resistive sensors and a microcontroller. The EM6415 eliminates the need for external calibration components, error curve compensation or offset and gain adjustments. With this new converter, external amplifier and sensor bridge drive circuits are also unnecessary.

After the EM6415 is exposed to a calibration signal/profile, all conversion parameter and profile coefficients are self-calculated and stored in external EEPROM.

Ideal applications for the EM6415 include portable sensor instruments, remote data-acquisition instruments, resistive sensor interfaces, automotive sensors, industrial process control, pressure and temperature monitoring devices and smart sensors and transmitters. Other ideal applications include consumer instruments including altimeters, barometers, depth gauges, diving computers, pressure and force monitoring, tire gauges, compasses, pollution and pH sensors and accelerometers for automobile air bags.

One of the first applications of the EM6415 is the Tissot T-Touch watch, which operates with a touch-screen functionality and includes an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass. In the Tissot watch application, the EM6415 is an interface circuit between three sensors and a microcontroller with external EEPROM. Tissot currently enjoys tremendous success in the world market with the T-Touch.

In a classic sensor system, as a signal conditioner, the EM6415 can replace analog sensor compensation circuitry, which is highly inflexible and can plague the system with unpredictable side effects. In a modern sensor system, the EM6415 can replace the external amplifier stage, gain and scale adjust resistors and expensive 16- to 18-bit A/D converters. The EM 6415 offers high sensor adjust with 14 effective bits; the sensor error signal is removed during the conversion process and all the full-range and resolution capabilities of the A/D converter are used.

The EM6415 is available now from EM and its authorized distributors as sawn wafer with or without bumps or in a SSOP-36 package in stick or in tape and reel. The converter can also be used with a single sensor channel in a small package with a maximum of 24 pins. The EM6415 pricing starts at $3.40 each for small volume.

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer that designs and produces ultra-low-power, low-voltage, digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered devices in consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The company's product portfolio includes RFID circuits and transponders, ultra-low-power microcontrollers, voltage reset ICs and microprocessor supervisors, regulators, smart card ICs, LCD drivers and displays, sensor and optoelectronic ICs, mixed analog and digital gate arrays and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). EM also produces LCD modules and offers bumping services.

EM6415 Data Sheet

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