Servers offer remote access, monitoring with encryption and authentication

West Kingston, RI — American Power Conversion (APC) today announced its 8, 16, 32 and 42-port Console Port Servers enabling secure remote management of up to 1,024 electronic devices such as servers, routers, and other equipment commonly found in IT environments. The ability to remotely configure, upgrade, troubleshoot, and manage both power systems and networking equipment can save time and resources by minimizing the need to physically access equipment. Tasks that previously required downtime can now be performed real-time with slight or no disruption to networking systems. The new 42-port appliance is the only product in the market that offers this comprehensive feature set in a space saving 0U vertical mount form factor.

Equally effective in data center, remote branch offices, or test labs, these appliances not only alert users to potential problems but also can provide manual autonomous recovery options even when the server, router or individual switch causing the problem is not responding over the network. Whether a server is available over the network or not, the APC Console Port Server can be used to serially access command level functions through Linux, Unix, Sun systems and Windows 2003 servers.

“As critical corporate networks become more geographically dispersed and continue to grow in size and complexity, the ability to securely run and maintain remote systems from a central location avoiding the need for local IT personnel is a major motivator when choosing new technologies,” said Rob Johnson, vice president and general manager of APC's Availability Enhancements Group. “The new Console Port Servers with secure remote management not only provides users with the ability to detect problems, but also the capability to repair them allowing for increased productivity with fewer resources.”

Additional benefits include:

* Space savings provided by 0U, 42-port model that allows connectivity for an entire rack of servers without taking up any U space;
* Remote serial access for up to 1,024 devices through a single IP address by clustering/cascading (8,16, and 32-port versions);
* Quick and secure administration of devices from anywhere using a web browser;
* Share and restrict device access on a per-port basis from no access to read only to full rights for administrators;
* Scripting support simplifies deployment of configuration instructions and can be used to customize automatic reactions to common error conditions;
* Functionality expansion using up to two PCMCIA cards (32-port version); GSM modem, CDMA, v. 90, ISDN, 10/100 Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, disk expansion, and other options supported;
* Redundant power input automatically switches to a second power source in the event of power failure (32-port version);
* Multi-sessions allow safe sharing of the same console port with another user/administrator;
* Communication through all interfaces is highly secured, as well as audited, encrypted and authenticated against a variety of sources. LDAP, Radius, Tacacs+*, Kerberos*, NIS*, SSHv1 and v2, SSL, HTTPS, PPP*, NAT*, IPSec, packet filtering, Syslog, and other mechanisms are supported (*8, 16, and 32-port versions only).

APC's 8, 16, 32 and 42-port Console Port Servers are currently available in North America. Estimated resale pricing is $1699, $2500, $3200 and $2900 respectively.

For more information about APC's Console Port Servers and other offerings, please visit or call 800-877-4080.

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