Set-top box chip combines demodulator with MPEG decoder

Geneva—STMicroelectronics is shipping engineering samples of its latest OMEGA device, the QAMi5107, which is an SoC for digital cable TV set-top boxes that combines a digital signal demodulator with an MPEG decoder in a single package.

By combining the function of the 'front-end' digital-signal demodulator with the 'back-end' MPEG decoder, the QAMi5107 will allow manufacturers to cut component costs and simplify board design and assembly, according to ST.

The decoder supports the advanced security features required by all major conditional-access (CA) suppliers The 200-MHz clock speed of the embedded ST20 32-bit RISC CPU core provides increased power for advanced applications and is fully compatible with all mainstream set-top box middleware.

Like the other OMEGA devices, the QAMi5107 integrates a transport de-multiplex block, the ST20 32-bit CPU, an audio/video MPEG-2 decoder, a digital video encoder, advanced security features and the enhanced display and graphics features. DVB descramblers in the transport de-multiplex block and Macrovision copy protection allow it to be used in cost-effective pay-TV services.

Pricing: $7 in 100k quantities.
Availability: Engineering samples are available now, with volume production starting early in the second quarter of 2007.
Data Sheet: click here.

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