Set-top-box decoder supports multiple codecs, standards

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has released a low-cost set-top-box (STB) decoder chip aimed at standard-definition (SD) terrestrial, cable, satellite and Internet Protocol (IP) TV applications, and for both retail and operator-supplied boxes. The new STi5202 chip shares the same architecture as ST's STi7109 single-chip H.264
high-definition (HD) decoder, which is also software compatible.

The STi5202 integrates an advanced video decoder supporting the H.264/AVC coding standard and MPEG-2, together with a multi-channel audio decoder that handles all broadcast audio standards. For content protection, it includes ST's fourth-generation security technology, as used in the STi7109, which allows the chip to support Windows Media DRM 10 and the Secure Video Processor (SVP) standards, both protecting content and allowing digital rights to be passed between consumer devices.

The STi5202 also supports Flash video, DivX and videoconferencing standards, as well as the recently established Chinese AVS1-P2 Jizhun Profile 4.0 level (SD) video decoding standard.

Connectivity is provided by on-chip Ethernet and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interfaces. In addition, an optional High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) can provide SD video for HD displays. A programmable transport stream interface (PTI) manages inputs from satellite, cable and terrestrial tuners.

Embedded in the STi5202 is a 266-MHz ST40 CPU core, which is supported by industry-standard operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows CE. ST provides a suite of integrated STAPI software drivers, plus a comprehensive set of hardware and software tools to enable rapid product development.

Availability: The STi5202 is in volume production now, and is available in a 27 x 27-mm BGA package, with the same security options as in the STi7109. A software evaluation platform and reference design is also available with full schematics and source code for STAPI-based reference software that is compatible with the STi7109.
Product information: STi5202

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