Shiny Ads Leads Industry Shift to Sell-Side Automation for Premium Guaranteed Ads

Major Premium Online Health Portal Adopts Self-Serve Solution for Its Direct Sales Team

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TORONTO, July 17, 2012

TORONTO , July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Shiny Ads today announced the launch of a new self-serve advertising platform designed for direct sales teams at premium digital publishers, empowering them to easily create and manage premium ad insertion orders. The Shiny Ads Self-Serve Advertising Platform for Direct Sales continues Shiny Ads' push to automate the premium ad inventory sales process for industry leading publishers.

In a move that establishes early momentum for the new platform, Shiny Ads announced that it has been selected by a major online health portal to automate the portal's direct sales process. The adoption will help members of the publisher's sales team to quickly and easily manage their premium ad sales.

By adopting Shiny Ads' Self-Serve Adverting Platform for Direct Sales, an order management solution that is faster, easier to use and more powerful than existing alternatives, publishers can help their sales teams generate more revenue at a higher profit margin. The Shiny Ads self-serve platform for direct sales not only facilitates higher profits, but also speeds up ad operations processes by fully automating the lifecycle management of orders, line items and creative.

“For many publishers, the premium ad direct sales process has changed very little since the days of print publishing,” said Roy Pereira , Shiny Ads founder and CEO. “It's still manual and highly inefficient. Sales people typically enter orders on spreadsheets, then face long processing times due to inefficient sales, finance and ad operations processes. We've changed that with a platform that gives direct sales teams more time to focus on more sales.”

Featuring a hosted, web-enabled interface and lightning-quick insertion order creation and submission capabilities, the Shiny Ads' self-serve for direct sales platform is intuitive, meaning sales teams have a minimal learning curve as they begin using it to automate premium ad sales. It enables comprehensive order management, including integration with,  and automates the campaign lifecycle by directly connecting to the publisher's ad server via its API.  A dashboard function provides an at-a-glance view of campaign status with full editing capabilities. Publishers have full control over user rights, product pricing and rules as well as final order approval.

With a unique focus on increasing publisher revenue and profits from premium ad buys, Shiny Ads is leading a fundamental industry shift to new automated sell-side technology like the self-serve for direct sales platform. Find out more about Shiny Ads at

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