Shorten design time via this quad-converter development kit

Montreal — Goal Semiconductor unveiled a plug-and-play development and evaluation system for its quad, high-voltage, 9-bit, serially configurable voltage/current digital-to-analog converter (D/A converter) with outputs of up to 200 V.

The kit provides a complete platform for evaluation and prototype development using its previously released quad, D/A converter (see link below) — shortening time to market for applications requiring high-voltage control such as electrostatic microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) devices, piezoelectric transducers, high-voltage bias generation, test and scientific equipment.

The kit ships with a Windows-based demo program that allows users to explore the full functional range of the D/A converter device by connecting the DevKit to a PC.

The Devboard features the company's Versa Mix 8051 microcontroller, an onboard voltage reference, two adjustment potentiometers for the D/A converter reference setting, overtemperature and temperature-sensor-threshold adjustment, a terminal block for the D/A converter outputs, high-voltage supply input (to be provided by the user), a PLCC-44 socket for the D/A converter device, and a comprehensive set of configuration jumpers and locations for external load resistors.

The onboard Goal Versa Mix 8051-based MCU is used for communication with the PC-based demo software and to control the HVDAC 200 (quad, D/A converter). The kit also includes an 8051-based development system (ships with compiler/debugger) that can be used to develop custom programs for high-voltage control.

The UVK-HVDAC200-4 evaluation kit is available for $250.00. Click here for the UVK-HVDAC200-4 preliminary data sheet.

Goal Semiconductor , 1-800-943-4625,

Click here to see the complete product brief on Goal Semiconductor’s quad D/A converter (HVDAC200), which was introduced in December.

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