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SiC modules boost power density for EV inverters

STMicroelectronics has unveiled two power modules built around its second-generation silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors and ACEPACK 2 packaging technology. That, according to the company, bolsters power density and simplifies assembly in electric vehicle (EV) inverters and power conversion for charging stations, energy storage, and solar energy.

A2F12M12W2-F1 is a four-pack module that provides a compact full-bridge solution for circuits like DC/DC converters. A2U12M12W2-F2 employs a three-level T-type topology to combine high conduction and switching efficiency with consistent output-voltage quality.

Source: STMicroelectronics

The two STPOWER modules employ 1,200-V SiC MOSFETs that boost current handling capability and ensure minimal losses with low RDS(on) and high die-area figure of merit (FoM). The power modules can handle both full-bridge and T-type topologies for high-power applications while ensuring energy efficiency and simplifying thermal management due to low dissipation.

Next, the ACEPACK 2 package complements power density with compact dimensions, efficient alumina substrate, and direct bonded copper (DBC) die attachment. The package features 2.5 kVrms insulation and integrates a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor that can be used for system protection and diagnostics. Additionally, its external connections in the form of press-fit pins simplify assembly in harsh energy environments.

The modules are in production now, and the unit price for both modules is $235.20.

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