SiGe power amplifier targets MIMO WLAN 801.11 b/g apps

Lowell, Mass. — Tyco Electronics M/A-COM has introduced a RoHS-compliant 2.4 to 2.5 GHz linear power amplifier for 802.11b/g MIMO WLAN applications that require high gain, high efficiency and small size. The MAAP-008516 is a three stage power amplifier designed specifically for linear 802.11b/g applications and is available in a lead-free 2 x 2.5-mm PQFN plastic package.

The power amplifier can achieve 16.5 dBm linear output power with a 3% EVM, maximizing system performance while maintaining low DC power consumption. The power amplifier also features an integrated power detector for accurate power control and a separate power mode pin for current savings in a power shutdown mode state.

For 802.11g applications, the MAAP-008516 generates 16.5 dBm of linear output power (OFDM, QAM-64, 54 Mbps) while drawing only 80 mA of current and maintaining an EVM of 3.0%. For 802.11b applications, the PA generates 21.5 dBm of linear output power while consuming only 95 mA of current. The MAAP-008516 offers a typical linear gain of 30 dB at an operating voltage of 3.3V.

Pricing: $0.35 in quantities of 100,00.
Availability: From stock.
Datasheet: MAAP-008516


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