SiGe Semiconductor claims world’s smallest Wi-Fi front end

SiGe Semiconductor reports that it has developed the world's smallest RF front-end for Wi-Fi applications. Enabling MIMO systems, the SE2566U device integrates two fully matched 2.4GHz power amplifiers, harmonic filters, input and output matching circuitry, and power detectors for each transmit stream in a 3mm x 3mm package. The company reports that this new architecture reduces external bill of materials by 80% when compared with two unmatched PAs for MIMO solutions, resulting in a bill of materials savings of approximately 25 cents.

The device also includes an integrated receive path situated between the two transmit paths to support 2-transmit by 2-receive (2×2) or 2×3 architectures.The SE2566U also features an integrated load-insensitive transmit power detector offering 20dB of dynamic range. The detector is temperature compensated for consistent and accurate performance. Finally, the SE2566 integrates a reference voltage generator, which allows 1.8V CMOS digital enable control directly from the baseband, and eliminates the need for analog bias controls while drawing less than 1uA.
The SE2566U is available now, and priced at $0.60 in volumes of 10K.

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