SigmaTel touts first-to-market VFIR controller

Austin, Texas – SigmaTel, Inc. introduced the STIR4220 USB-to-infrared bridge controller featuring both Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 hi-speed and IrDA very fast infrared (VFIR).

SigmaTel's USB-to-infrared controllers enable IrDA capability on PCs for easy wireless transfer of data such as photos between the PC and mobile devices. The STIR4220 provides an efficient and secure wireless transfer of data files at speeds up to 16 million bits/second (mbps).

The STIR4220 also provides IrDA compatible communication for present-day standards such as fast infrared (FIR), medium infrared (MIR), and serial infrared (SIR) speeds. The STIR4220, with an integrated USB 2.0 hi-speed device controller, is capable of transferring a 3-Mbyte data file in approximately two seconds. As the latest addition to SigmaTel's wireless infrared communications product family, the STIR4220 integrates voltage regulators to lower system costs for the manufacturer and is provided in a small footprint package to support the design of miniature adapters.

The STIR4220 is also suitable for embedded USB applications such as kiosks and medical environments where use of RF communications is discouraged. It is pin compatible with the STIR4210 USB-to-infrared controller supporting IrDA compatible communications up to FIR data rates.

Wireless transfer data rate comparison:

  • VFIR (Very Fast Infrared): up to 16 mbps
  • FIR (Fast Infrared): up to 4 mbps
  • Bluetooth: up to 0.75 mbps

    The STIR4220 is currently in production and is available for $5.12 in 10,000-piece quantities.

    For more information on this product go to STIR4210

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