Signal conditioner chip adds a second sensor channel

Melville, NY&#8212ZMD's ZMD31012 incorporates two of the company's ZMD31010 sensor signal conditioners into one SSOP14 package to provide designers with twice the functionality in less than half the real estate. No external trimming components are required.

The CMOS chip, with two independent channels, suits applications that require redundancy, measurements of differential pressure, and flow sensors. The device accommodates separate digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and non-linearity.

The ZMD31012 enables precise calibration of resistive bridge sensors via EEPROM. When mated to the sensor, the ZMD31012 will digitally correct offset and gain coefficients and linearity over temperature. Users can also enable a second compensation for temperature coefficients of gain, offset, or bridge

The chip communicates with the host computer via the company's ZACwire serial interface and is easily mass-calibrated using a Windows environment. The ZMD31012 can provide a selectable 0 to 1 volt, rail-to-rail ratiometric analog output, or a digital serial output of bridge data. The fast responding (1 ms) ZMD31012 provides an accuracy of &plusmn0.1 percent over -25 to +85&degC, and &plusmn0.25 percent over -40 to +125&degC.

Click here for the device's preliminary datasheet.
The ZMD31012, rated for operation over -50 to +150&degC, is priced at $1.40 each in quantities of 50k. A ZMD31010 development kit is available. Contact Gabriele Taschler.

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