Signal conditioning IC delivers integrated diagnostics, low power

Dresden, Germany — ZMD AG has expanded its family of resistive bridge (RBic-Lite) signal conditioner ICs with the introduction of the highly integrated ZMD31014 resistive bridge sensor signal conditioning IC with built-in diagnostics and one-shot calibration. The CMOS device targets all types of microcontroller-based portable equipment such as white goods, wireless pressure transmitters, medical infusion pumps, wearable blood-pressure meters and temperature measurement equipment.

The ZMD31014, housed in a SOP8 package, operates on supply voltages from 2.7 to 5.5 volts and over a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. Accuracy is 0.1% of full scale over the range of 0°C to 70°C, and 0.25% over the full temperature range. Power consumption during normal operation is as low as 150 μA while standby current is below 2 μA. The device supports both the I2C and SPI IC interconnect busses.

Developed for correction of resistive bridge sensors, the ZMD31014 combines high accuracy amplification with analog-to-digital conversion of a differential input. The conditioning IC features a 14-bit low-noise analog-to-digital converter that is said to be four times more precise than the 12-bit units found in most devices in this class. On-chip digital logic provides second-order error correction for temperature offset, drift, and non-linearity. Performing all of the error correction in the ZMD31014 simplifies system design and helps minimize the overall bill-of materials as well as the overall system power consumption, said ZMD.

The ZMD31014 uses 40% less power than previous designs during operation, and features a standby mode of less than 2 μA to further reduce current consumption in battery-powered equipment.

The ZMD31014's on-chip diagnostics includes a bridge-connection check and a bridge short-circuit detection, allowing the microcontroller to continuously test the entire sensor system and improve the safety and reliability of the system. In addition, the ZMD31014
has a 32-bit programmable customer ID field. This feature lets system designers customize sensor modules for specific purposes.

Using ZMD's unique one-shot/single-pass calibration, the microcontroller can custom-calibrate the sensor in a very short time, typically a fraction of a second, according to ZMD, and can even recalibrate in-system if desired. Eliminating the need for external trimming components reduces the overall bill of materials and manufacturing costs as well as shortens time-to-market, said ZMD.

The RBic-Lite development kit supports the ZMD31014 with a range of evaluation and calibration tools that demonstrate the single pass calibration capabilities of the mixed-signal throughput used in the IC.

Pricing: USD $2.54 (Euro 1.75) each in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: The ZMD31014 is sampling now and will be available for production in Q2 of 2008.
Product information: ZMD31014

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