Signal conditioning IC enhances optical sensor performance

San Jose, Calif. — Avago Technologies has introduced a miniature single-chip signal conditioning IC that enhances the performance of optical sensors used for proximity or object detection in consumer and industrial applications. When used with optical proximity sensors, the APDS-9700 signal conditioning IC provides accurate detection of objects in ambient light and sunlight conditions.

The APDS-9700 IC includes a LED driver circuit, artificial light immunity, sunlight cancellation and a built-in LED stuck high protection circuit to enable operation in artificial or sunlight conditions. The device can be paired with either an integrated proximity sensor or discrete pair solution to provide design flexibility.

Key characteristics include a supply voltage of 2.4 to 3.6 volts, and operation in sunlight conditions up to 100 k lux (with the HSDL-9100 proximity sensor). It also offers a complete shutdown mode and analog and digital output modes are available. The device is RoHS compliant.

The APDS-9700 is housed in an eight-pin QFN package measuring 0.55 mm (H) x 2 mm (W) by 2 x (L) to provide designers with a space-saving solution that is well-suited for designs that require miniature proximity or object detection sensors. Target applications include PDAs, mobile phones, handheld games, and laptop computers. Other applications include industrial applications such as vending machines, industrial automation equipment, contactless switches and sanitary automation devices.

Pricing: Starts at $1.60 in minimum quantities of 2,500.
Availability: Samples and production quantities are available now.
Product information: APDS-9700 sensor

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