Signal integrity targeted by circuit simulator

Designers of high speed data links were in mind with the latest update to Agilent's Advanced Design System EDA tool, ADS 2008 Update 2. Agilent has added the Transient-Convolution Simulator to the ADS toolset, claiming a 'three-fold simulation speed' improvement for signal integrity simulations of multi gigabit serial links, required in many consumer and commercial wireless electronic products such as mobile phones, wireless networking and GPS, as well as radar and satellite communications systems.

The Transient-Convolution Simulator allows signal integrity engineers to perform 'what-if' design scenarios, enabling them to assess the impact of physical phenomena such as impedance mismatch, reflections, electromagnetic coupling, crosstalk and microwave frequency attenuation on their designs. The process uses a circuit-level model that can be verified against measured data and electromagnetic artwork, avoiding costly and time-consuming prototype iterations.

One of the initial users of the simulator is Altera. Commenting on the simulator, David Greenfield, senior director of product marketing for high-end products said that it has enabled the company to 'get Stratix II GX transceiver results in a third of the time than we used to.'

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