Signal-processing technology cuts nonlinear distortion in A/D converter modules

Fremont, Calif. — A new class of linearized data conversion modules from Optichron Inc. are said to improve system performance in communications and industrial applications.

The A/D converter modules incorporate Optichron's proprietary Turbolinear technology that reduces nonlinear distortion by more than 90 percent in high-speed pipelined data converters, said Roy Batruni, CEO of Optichron.

These devices are a new class of small form factor, linearized, analog-to-digital converter (A/D converter) modules designed for improved linearity, which will enable significantly more efficient, high-performance communications and industrial system architectures, Batruni said. Applications include multichannel and multimode receivers, basestations
and medical imaging equipment.

The company is currently offering two A/D converter modules in BGA hybrid packages utilizing this technology. Each module offers 14-bit resolution and a sampling rate of either 105 or 125 Msamples/s.

The OM1400A-105 A/D converter module incorporates Optichron's linearizer chip, an AD6645 A/D converter and an AD8351 amplifier.

The OM1400T-125 A/D converter module incorporates the linearizer chip, an ADS5500 A/D converter and an AH22S amplifier.

Both devices provide a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 70 dB with a frequency input (fIN) of 150 MHz, and a spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 90 dB with a frequency input (fIN) of 150 MHz.

Turbolinear signal processing technology is scalable, allowing engineers to enable or disable filter blocks to meet their specific design needs. It is also adaptive
and optimizes filter parameters to track changes in the properties of the
transmission medium. The technology can be applied to all types of nonlinear
distortion as well, according to Optichron.

Volume for the OM1400A-105 is expected in Q4 2005, while volume for the OM1400T-125 isn't anticipated until Q1 2006.

Pricing for the OM1400A-105, which is sampling now, is expected to be $250.00 in 500-unit quantities. Pricing for the OM1400T-125 version, which will begin sampling in Q3, will cost roughly $295.00 each in same quantities.Click here for the OM1400A-105 data sheet.

.Click here for the OM1400T-125 data sheet.

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