SiLabs introduces web-customisable clock generator

Silicon Laboratories Inc. (Austin, Texas) has launched two custom 8-output clock generators that guarantee a 0ppm frequency synthesis error for any combination of output frequencies. Part of the Any-Rate Clock Generator family, the Si5355/56 are made-to-order CMOS devices capable of synthesising four, non-integer related frequencies from 1-200MHz. SiLabs' ClockBuilder web interface allows customers to configure their devices, which can be ready in less than two weeks.

The Si535x clock generators replace multiple clock ICs and crystal oscillators in hardware designs needing a combination of non-integer related reference frequencies.
The Si5355, based on a standard 25 or 27 MHz crystal, has a PLL with phase error cancellation circuitry that minimises jitter to 50 ps peak to peak, regardless of frequency configuration. Alternatively, the Si5355 supports a 5-200 MHz reference clock input, enabling the device to be used in synchronous applications.

The Si5356 is an I2C-programmable 1-200MHz spread spectrum clock generator with spread spectrum available on any clock output with any frequency and any spread amount. If system-level EMI testing confirms a spread spectrum requirement, it can be enabled by pin selection, without the need for component or firmware changes.

The Si5355/56 products are now available in a 4 x 4mm 24-QFN package, along with evaluation boards for each device Visit for more details.

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