Silicon Labs expands FM receiver portfolio

Austin, Tex.—Silicon Laboratories Inc. has expanded its broadcast audio portfolio to include four FM receivers, two of which provide embedded antenna support to enable FM radio reception without an external wired headset.

Leveraging Silicon Labs' RF technology, the FM receivers make it easy to add FM functionality to many applications from low-cost handsets and MP3 players, where small size and low power are required, to stand-alone FM radios, PCs, PDAs, smart phones and USB FM receivers.

The Si4704 and Si4705 incorporate all of the features found in Silicon Laboratories CMOS Si4700 FM tuner family and are said to be the industry's first to support an embedded antenna. The patent-pending tunable resonance circuit incorporated on-chip provides optimal signal reception and high sound quality with a short embedded antenna, such as a wire or PCB trace that can be integrated inside the end product casing, enabling FM radio to be added to any portable device without the need for an external headphone cable.

In addition, the Si4705 provides a digital audio interface that allows easy recording of FM radio without the need for external A/D converters, saving power, cost and board space. In addition, it requires 15 mm² of board space. Both devices provide coverage of the expanded worldwide FM frequency band from 64 to 108 MHz.

According to the company, the third-generation Si4708 and Si4709 FM receivers reduce required system board space by 44 percent compared to competing products. The devices require 8 mm² of board space and are packaged in a 2.5- x 2.5-mm QFN package that is easy to assemble and forms solder joints without requiring any under fill or mechanical reinforcement.

Pricing: In 10,000-unit quantities, the Si4704/05 begins at $2.51 and the Si4708/09 begins at $2.35.
Availability: Sampling now.

Datasheets: Click here.

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