Silicon photonics on MEMS technology startup eyes 5G networks

AEPONYX, the startup building the integrated photonics with MEMS devices, has closed a new $10 million funding round. The Montreal, Canada-based firm is picking telecom and 5G networks as the first market vertical for its tunable transceiver designs.

The company employs fast-tuning and ultra-small MEMS devices and silicon nitride photonics to create optical transceivers for dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) communications over single fiber-optic links. That’s crucial in facilitating high data rates in small form factor fiber-optic gear.

Silicon photonics on MEMS provides photonics with the cost structure of microelectronics. Source: AEPONYX

The use of ultra-small MEMS also lowers latency and power consumption in high-speed data applications. AEPONYX’s planar micro-optical switch chips are based on a platform that combines silicon photonics with MEMS technology. Besides telecom and 5G, AEPONYX is eying its silicon photonics on MEMS technology for quantum computing, LiDARs, and sensors.

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