Simple Current Monitor Handles Automotive Rigors

Hauppauge, N.Y. — The application simplicity of the ZXCT1008, a three terminal current monitor from Zetex Semiconductors Inc., enables it to tolerate high-voltage transients, overvoltage and reverse polarity events for automotive load measurement and control.

The -40°C to 125°C rated high-accuracy current monitor, a high-side current monitoring device offered in at SOT23 package, eliminates any ground plane disruption when sensing a load current. It takes a sense voltage across a low value shunt resistor and converts it into a 1% accurate proportional output voltage, scaled by a user defined output resistor.

The lack of a separate ground connection means the ZXCT1008 can be 'floated' and input voltages accommodated well above the device's normal 2.5-V to 20-V limit. Simply adding a zener in series with the ground reference resistor offsets the input voltage range.

Putting a zener across the IC's voltage input and current output terminals also protects it against overvoltage and reverse polarity events, in both instances, the zener conducts to maintain safe operating conditions for the current monitor.

The ZXCT1008's maximum sense voltage is 500 mV and its operating bandwidth of 2 MHz is sufficient to ensure load current measurements are provided in real time. The device's low typical quiescent current of 4 μA ensures drain on battery power is kept to an absolute minimum.

The price of the ZXCT1008 through distributors is 55 cents in 1,000-piece quantities.

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