Single-channel load switch extends battery life in portables

Dallas, Tex.—Diodes Inc. has released the AP2280 single channel smart load switch that supports high-side load current switching up to 2-A in 1.8-V to 5-V systems.

The AP2280 is targeted for use in many electronic devices such as notebook PCs, Bluetooth headsets, mobile and smart phones, portable GPS navigation devices, portable audio players and digital cameras.

Housed in a compact 2mm x 1.8mm leadless DFN package, the AP2280 single-channel, slew-rate controlled smart load switch is designed to extend battery life in a wide range of portable electronic applications while occupying minimal PCB real estate.

The AP2280 features a single P-channel MOSFET power switch with a typical RDS(0N) of 80mOhms at 5V, allowing high load current handling capability, while conserving battery life. The integration of slew rate control circuitry controls in-rush current spikes from disrupting the supply rail and causing glitches when turning on sensitive ICs such as microprocessors and DSPs. The 1.8-V to 6-V operating voltage makes AP2280 well suited to support single cell lithium battery and 2-3 cell MiMH / NiCad /Alkaline battery applications.

The AP2280 load switch is offered in a small and low profile DFN2018-6 package, making it suitable for integration into thin and compact applications where space and height are critical design considerations. Also offered in SOT-25, the AP2280 offers designers two factory programmed turn-on rise time options of 100-microseconds or 1-milliseconds, include an Enable pin, and feature a fast discharge pin (DIS) option to discharge parasitic inductance, which can further increase system reliability.

The AP2280 is fully RoHS compliant, including Green Molding compound. The AP2280 load switch supports an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Datasheet: click here.

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