Single-Chip CD LSI – support for MP3 & Sony ATRAC CD

Toshiba has expanded its family of digital signal processors (DSPs) for digital audio equipment with the world's first single-chip CD LSI to offer support for both MP3 and Sony ATRAC CD formats. The result is a device that will significantly simplify design and implementation of home and vehicle audio systems by eliminating the overhead on the system processor and minimising the need for external components.

The TC94A60MFG CD LSI is a single-chip solution that integrates CD control functionality and memory alongside support for the playback of Sony ATRAC CD and MP3 formats. Using the IC, designers can implement a wide variety of functions including CD_DA play mode (with CD-text), ISO9660 disk analysis and control, MP3 and ATRAC CD playback, and CD-ROM modes for data transfer. Digital filters, equalisation and dynamic range control, and sound field controls such as BBE-MP sound restoration can also be provided without the need for additional components.

Supplied in a compact LQFP100 package, the TC94A60MFG features a 24-bit DSP that is dedicated to audio use, 1Mbit of built-in SRAM for buffer and disk table storage, and a CD servo circuit with integrated RF amplifier and DAC. A 4-bit parallel interface provides the connection to a host microcontroller. Serial, digital audio interface transmitter (DIT) and analogue interfaces provide design flexibility for audio input and output. The TC94A60MFG uses Toshiba's SIP (system-in-package) technology multi-chip packaging technology. By changing the DSP chip in the package, Toshiba has also developed the TC94A54FMG single chip CD LSI for applications requiring support for MP3 and WMA formats.

Engineering samples of the TC94A54FMG are available now, with mass production scheduled for early December.

Toshiba Electronics Europe, 40549 D¼sseldorf, Germany.

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