Single-chip cell phone device promises doubled talk-time

San Diego, Calif.—Wireless component vendor Qualcomm Inc . is pre-announcing its QSC1100 single-chip cellphone handset device. When it debuts next year, the QSC1100 will likely let CDMA2000 handset makers benefit from price barriers that had heretofore precluded some emerging markets worldwide.

In addition to supporting features such as downloadable polyphonic ring tones, a speakerphone, and color displays, the QSC1100 promises to double talk-time compared to currently available CDMA2000 handsets.

To Leverage Multiple Technologies

Addressing dramatic subscriber growth anticipated around the world, the QSC1100 will use multiple technologies (including 65-nm chip feature sizes) to improve network capacity by up to 100%.

Multiple technologies will permit network operators to prioritize voice capacity or improve network capacity by up to 60%, or double the capacity within the same spectrum with the additional implementation of four-way receive diversity at base stations.

The chip will integrate a baseband modem, RF transceiver, power management circuits, and system memory into a single chip, thereby reducing the number of discrete components required. A fourth-generation vocoder is also included. The chip is also expected to reduce BOM (bill-of-materials) costs, and deliver board-area savings of more than 50%.

Other features will include support for voice/SMS (short messaging service), and support for downloadable so-called wallpapers. The device will also support multiple frequency operation, including operation in the 450-MHz, 800-MHz, 1.9-GHz, and 2.1-GHz bands.

The QSC1100 will also use Qualcomm's Linear Interference Cancellation technique. It includes pilot and traffic interference cancellation.

Can You Wait?

The QSC1100 is expected to sample by the second half of 2007.

Unfortunately, that's about all the company is revealing at this time. There's no datasheet available on its Web site, either.

You can try to get more details by contacting Qualcomm, Inc., 5775 Morehouse Dr., San Diego, Calif. 92121. Phone: 858- 587-1121. Fax: 858-658-2100

Qualcomm , 858-587-1121,

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