Single-chip comprises THD analyzer

San Jose, Calif.—Specialized IC supplier Mixed Signal Integration has a nifty 16-pin CMOS chip that can measure THD (total harmonic distortion). The MSTHDA analyzer IC is a single-chip 1/6th octave-wide five-harmonic THD analyzer.

The center frequencies are set at the fundamental, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th harmonic frequency. The center frequencies are controlled by a single master clock. The fifth harmonic output is at 3.4-MHz when clocked at 42.5-MHz.

The MSTHDA can be applied in a range of multi-standard RFID (RF identification) systems based on FDMA (frequency-division multiple access) as a building-block component for a reader sub-system.

Conventional And Unorthodox Uses

Conventional test areas such as realtime distortion analysis, audio analysis, ultrasonic analysis, and vibration analysis are applicable to MSTHDA usage. Non-test applications include theft detection, security systems, inventory control, access cards, automotive key identification, pet identification, mobile commerce, and airline baggage identification.

Inside the package, the MSTHDA runs five six-pole bandpass filters (above), has uncommitted op-amps, a digitally controlled gain stage, and an analog-controlled gain stage.

Power-Managed CMOS

The device is power-managed, too. It offers three selectable power modes: power down, low power , and high power . The IC operates from a single supply voltage over a range of 3.3-V to 5.5-V DC.

Available now in a plastic SOIC package, the MSTHDA is priced at about $9.90 a pop (in 1000-piece quantities).

Mixed Signal has numerous other unique ICs like this, too, so be sure to check out its Web site.

For more information, contact Jeff Thompson at Mixed Signal Integration Corp., 2157F O'Toole Ave., San Jose, Calif. 95131. Phone: 408-434-6305. Fax: 408-434-6417. E-mail: or

Mixed Signal Integration , 408-434-6305,

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