Single chip drives, controls high power LEDs

LONDON — Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has started sampling the first devices in a range of single-chip embedded power controllers that can drive and control high power LEDs.

Dubbed the PowerPSoC family, the devices integrate four constant-current regulators and four 32V MOSFETs with Cypress's PSoC programmable system-on-chip, which includes a microcontroller, programmable analog and digital blocks, and memory.

Cypress says the parts will provide more efficient control of LED based lighting in areas such as industrial control and for white goods, as well as lighting.

Automotive applications are also envisaged in the medium term.

The companion software for PowerPSoC, the PSoC Designer development tool, enables designers to quickly and efficiently program the controllers for different lighting and power options. It also allows changes late in the design cycle without having to change the circuit board layout.

PowerPSoC devices feature up to 2MHz switching frequency and floating load buck, floating load buck-boost, and boost converter topologies for flexibility for applications’ different voltage requirements. There is an auxiliary power regulator so that the part can power the chip from a single power supply, as well as 16-bit dimming for lighting applications that require high-resolution dimming.

A PowerPSoC evaluation kit (CY3267) is also available for customer prototyping.

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