Single-chip environmental monitoring and control devices enable flexible power and thermal management

Hauppauge, NY, February 17, 2004 — SMSC announced three new single chip environmental monitoring and control (EMC) devices: The EMC6W201, the EMC6D103 and the EMCT03. These solutions target mobile, desktop, workstation, server and embedded applications where optimum power, flexibility and cost are critical drivers to success.

With its complete range of new mixed-signal integrated circuits, SMSC addresses the most demanding environments for cost-sensitive customers. This next generation of EMC products gives customers the ability to better differentiate by accurately managing and facilitating critical system parameters such as power, temperature and fan control. The release of this product portfolio, which addresses both thermal management and hardware control, demonstrates SMSC's increasing emphasis on supporting this important market.

Enabling the most complex solution, which is ideally suited for workstation and server environments, the EMC6W201 addresses flexibility, control and noise. Through SMSC's Piecewise Linear technology, system designers have the flexibility to control fan speed in response to temperature and the ability to monitor six thermal zones. As a result, customers can build a system that meets the noise and temperature specifications required in today's enterprise environments.

The increasing popularity of multi-processor systems has created a greater burden for designers working on thermal management today. With the EMC6W201, designers can scale back processor speed and provide intelligent system alerts in over-temperature situations through its two bi-directional PROCHOT pins.

Targeting embedded, desktop PC, consumer electronics and instrumentation applications, the EMC6D103 is ideally positioned as the system's primary hardware supervisor measuring three thermal zones and five system voltages and supporting processor VID pins. In addition, new fans with four pin headers are accompanying the latest CPU chipsets, and a majority of these fans have been designed to accept higher frequency PWM signals between 20 kHz and 30 kHz to control the fan. As a result, both the EMC6W201 and the EMC6D103 have four-wire fan compatibility, reducing audible noise.

With SMSC's EMCT03, designers can cost”effectively and accurately monitor the temperature of a device to +/- 1 degree C, while monitoring up to three zones with one internal sensor and two remote sensors. The device monitors the three thermal zones in the same form factor that most manufacturers offer for two, providing system designers reduced complexity and component count.

Product pricing for 10K unit volumes is $2.75 for the EMC6W201, $1.80 for the EMC6D103 and $0.90 for the EMCT03 (U.S. list prices).

SMSC, a fabless semiconductor supplier, is based in Hauppauge, New York and maintains offices worldwide, including locations in North America, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Europe. SMSC operates engineering design centers in Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Hauppauge, NY and Austin, TX.

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EMC6D103 Data sheet

EMC6W201 Data sheet

EMCT03 Data sheet

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