Single-chip GPS device targets mainstream mobile phones

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced a single-chip device that is expected to drive GPS applications into mainstream mobile phones. Built on TI's DRP single-chip technology, the NaviLink 5.0 solution comes in a 25 mm2 package.

The NaviLink 5.0 GPS receiver architecture is said to provide fast “time to first fix” (TTFF) in weak signal conditions typical in metropolitan areas and deep indoor environments. With GPS available in more handsets, operators can broadly deploy location-based service such as 3D mapping and navigation applications, said TI.

The NaviLink 5.0 solution supports both assisted-GPS (A-GPS) and stand-alone modes of operation. Unlike other GPS architectures, the NaviLink 5.0 chip requires minimal host loading and memory requirements, providing system design flexibility and reduced power consumption, which are key concerns for handset manufacturers, said TI. The chip also exceeds 3GPP and OMA SUPL performance requirements, enabling ease of integration in mobile phones.

The NaviLink 5.0 single-chip solution is optimized to interface with TI's OMAP and OMAP-Vox processors, which provide clear, crisp 3D images. The GPS chip also seamlessly interfaces with TI's 2.5G and 3G chipsets to deliver a complete solution for handset manufacturers.

Availability: The NaviLink 5.0 solution is expected to be in high volume production in fourth quarter 2007.
Product information: NaviLink 5.0

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