Single-phase metering chip embeds flash memory

Austria—Analog chip vendor austriamicrosystems is getting ready to sample the AS8268, a single-phase SoC metering IC with embedded flash memory.

Intended for LCD meters, the AS8268 integrated SoC provides secure program and data through its on-chip flash memory. The AS8268 also fulfills all utility anti-tamper requirements and can be designed into custom LCD displays. Meter implementations based on the AS8268 require a minimum of external components, inherently improving meter reliability and reduced meter system cost.

The AS8268 incorporates all the required functional blocks for single-phase metering, including a precision energy measurement front-end, an 8-bit MCU, 32-Kbytes of on-chip flash memory, a real-time clock, 96-segment LCD driver, 12 programmable multi-purpose I/Os for all possible customer-specified interfaces and display requirements, as well as an on-chip temperature sensor.

The AS8268 offers the option of using an external EEPROM of 2 to 32-Kbytes for data retention, in conjunction with the fully programmable industry standard 8-bit 8051 compatible MCU and 32-Kbytes on-chip flash memory. Two UARTs provide for external communication.

A programmable energy LED pulse output can be displayed through one of the multi-purpose input/outputs. This precision output along with an on-chip pulse counter allows for the option of fast automatic digital calibration. An on-chip ±1.4ppm real-time clock/calendar (RTC) with two alarm registers and battery back-up is available for complex tariff applications, with the option of added precision through the on-chip temperature sensor.

Active energy, MAINS voltage and MAINS current is calculated directly within the on-chip DSP. Reactive power and apparent power can also be calculated by user configurable application software.

The AS8268 is available in a LQFP-64 pin package and is pin-compatible with the currently available AS8218 and AS8228.

Samples of the AS8268 will be available later in the second quarter of 2007. Datasheets are not yet available.

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