Single-supply multiplexers save board space, cost

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. has released two single-supply, triple 4:1 buffered multiplexers for use in high-end consumer video products. The ISL59451 offers an integrated DC-restore feature and the ISL59452 is designed for AC-coupled systems.

Intersil said the ISL59451 and ISL59452 devices are the first single-supply, buffered triple 4:1 multiplexers in the industry. This feature set is important for consumer customers designing systems where video input is the only feature requiring a negative rail, said the company. By eliminating the need for a negative rail, these ICs will help simplify the design of products such as projectors, high-definition TVs and broadcast equipment, as well as save board space and cost for original device manufacturers (ODMs).

The ISL59451's integrated DC-restore feature lifts the video signal above ground and into the operating range of the multiplexer, ensuring the video is in the correct voltage range for processing. For systems using an AC-coupled design, the ISL59452 is offered without the integrated DC-restore feature and at a slightly lower price.

Using these parts, customers can choose between AC or DC coupling video over the 0-V to 5-V range, while maintaining excellent video characteristics from the multiplexer that are usually associated with ±5-V performance, said Intersil. These parts can also be used as an input stage, where multiple channels of video are coming into a device (such as a projector) but only one channel needs to be selected at any one time.

Pricing: The ISL59451 is available in 5 x 5 QFN packaging in quantities of 100-999 for $6.49. The ISL59452, offered in the same packaging and quantities, is priced at $4.88
Product information: ISL59451 and ISL59452

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