SINGLEstream(TM) Quad Link Aggregation Tap Solves Monitoring Problems in Channelized or Load-Balanced Networks

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. , Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Datacom Systems, Inc., a leading network access device manufacturer, today announced the availability of its SINGLEstream ™ Quad Link Aggregation Tap, an innovative solution to the challenges inherent in monitoring full duplex network traffic, or traffic from multiple sources. Featuring four duplex RJ45 taps and two SFP any-to-any ports, the SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap allows the monitoring of full-duplex conversations even across meshed, channelized and/or load balanced links using single-interface monitoring tools.

“In many network architectures, monitoring and analysis is extremely difficult because the transmit and receive halves of conversations are not travelling together,” said Chris Koeneman , Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Datacom Systems. “The SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap solves these issues not only by accepting and aggregating related packets from multiple channels, but also by allowing any connected monitoring device—even those with only one network interface card—to receive a copy of the data collected.”

Datacom Systems' SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap is especially suited for difficult monitoring scenarios including:

  • Meshed/channelized links:  EtherChannel trunking is a prime example of the hurdles created when monitoring tools must connect to multi-trunked network links. Because such trunking often employs load balancing, related transmit/receive packets may travel on different segments. The SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap overcomes the problem by supporting connection to up to four network links, ensuring that both halves of the conversation are captured.  
  • Data Aggregation: Traditional data taps, even if capable of capturing duplex data, often deliver the information to monitoring devices in two separate half-duplex streams. This requires the monitoring device to have two network interface cards as well as the necessary software or hardware to combine the two streams. With the SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap, copies are aggregated for transmission to a single interface, thereby eliminating the need for multiple NICs.

Link Status Monitoring

In addition to saving money by reducing the number of monitoring tools and/or interfaces, the SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap ensures more reliable monitoring through its exclusive LINKprotect™ technology. LINKprotect continuously monitors both sides of the tapped network for link status. If one side of the tap loses link status, LINKprotect will close the other side of the link so routers and switches can engage protocols to bypass the failed link. Once the failure is repaired, LINKprotect will re-establish the primary link automatically.

Several other advanced features give SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap users greater flexibility, convenience and reliability. The device's regeneration capability allows copies of traffic to be sent to multiple connected tools in order to share data sources; its two SFP ports also allow users to monitor copper links with fiber tools. Dual redundant power supplies also ensure maximum monitoring uptime.


Datacom Systems' SINGLEstream Quad Link Aggregation Tap is available directly from the company, as well as through a network of value added resellers. To learn more, visit the company web site or call (315) 463-1585.

About Datacom Systems:

Datacom Systems is a leading manufacturer of Test Access Points (TAPs), Data Aggregation Tools and other network access devices. Since the company's founding in 1992, Datacom Systems has built a reputation for quality engineering and unmatched customer service. Datacom Systems is credited with inventing physical layer matrix switching technology and is considered the expert in network access solutions. Datacom Systems equipment covers millions of network segments worldwide, with over 70% of Fortune 500 companies relying on Datacom equipment to gain visibility into their networks – and to save millions of dollars in IT expenses each year. The privately-held company is headquartered East Syracuse, New York . Visit

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