Sixteenth Brick DC/DC converters with 5 V and 1.8 V outputs deliver up to 60 W in DOSA standard package

SynQor has extended its range of sixteenth brick dc/dc converters by now offering isolated outputs of 5V/12A and 1.8V/25A, with up to 60W of usable power in a 1.17in2 footprint. Using the DOSA standard pinout and footprint, the sixteenth brick footprint uses 43% less board space than eighth brick converters.

The PQ60050SGL12 (5V/12A) and PQ60018SGL25 (1.8V/25A) converters utilise a synchronous rectified topology to provide excellent thermal performance with minimal derating requirements. The 5V version provides the full rated current of 12A up to 55degC, 100LFM, and the 1.8V version can provide the full rated current of 25A up to 70 °C, 100LFM.

The compact size of 1.3” x 0.9” frees up board real estate for designs with limited board space. The low profile height of 0.332” also makes the converters optimal for applications with low board-to-board spacing constraints.

The 35-75Vin devices are capable of withstanding transients on the input to 100V for 100ms, and have a basic isolation level from input to output of 2000Vdc. Standard control features include +/-10% trim, remote sense, and remote on/off. The converters’ standard protection features include input under voltage lockout (UVLO), output over voltage (OVP), over current (OCP), over temperature (OTP), and short circuit protection. Operating temperature range is -40 to +100degC.

Sample and production quantities are available immediately with a stock to 8-week lead-time. The modules are priced at $48.00 in OEM quantities. For additional information, please contact your local SynQor representative, or visit us at

SynQor is the technology leader in high efficiency dc/dc converters for distributed power architectures. SynQor’s products exceed the exacting performance, quality, and reliability requirements of its world-class customers. SynQor serves the converging telecom and datacom markets with their high-efficiency PowerQor™, DualQor™, BusQor™ and NiQor™ families of dc/dc converters. SynQor’s products are designed to meet the challenging demands of OEM engineers building today’s communications infrastructure hardware. SynQor is a privately owned company headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts with offices in Dallas Texas, Europe, Singapore, Korea, China and Japan. More information is available on the Company’s website at

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