Skyworks’ BAW filters enable WiMAX, WLAN co-existence

Skyworks Solutions has unveiled the industry's first bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters for customer premise equipment (CPE) that allow co-existence between WLANs and WiMAX networks.

The SKY33107 is a Wi-Fi reject/WiMAX pass, and the SKY33108 is a Wi-Fi pass/WiMAX reject, BAW filter.

Both 3 x 3 mm devices have very low in-band insertion loss and input and output return loss. They also exhibit excellent rejection—in the 2.4 GHz band for the SKY33107, and 2.495-2.690 GHz WiMAX band for the SKY33108.

The SKY33107 is intended for use in 2.495-2.690 GHz WiMAX band transmitter applications which also contain WLAN 802.11 b, g, n transmitters, while the SKY33108 is targeted at 2.400-2.473 GHz WiFi band transmitter applications which also encompass 2.495-2.690 GHz WiMAX transmitters.

Both filters can operate over a −20 to 85° C temperature range and are available in a lead (Pb)-free, restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)-compliant package.

Engineering samples are available now, with full launch scheduled for the fourth quarter.

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