SLICs boast pure CMOS

Austin, Texas — Silicon Laboratories Inc. unleashed what it claims is the industry's first fully-integrated, quad-channel subscriber line interface circuit plus codec — implemented in 100 percent CMOS technology.

The Si324x Quad ProSLIC family is an extension of the company's ProSLIC subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs). The Quad ProSLIC products offer high channel density and an extensive feature set in the industry's smallest footprint allowing one hardware design to be deployed worldwide in enterprise and central office telecommunications applications, said Dave Bresemann, vice president of Silicon Laboratories.

“The Si324x can increase the number of channels on a line card by 50 percent and reduce the cost per channel by 20 percent for globally programmable solutions,” Bresemann said.

Silicon Laboratories' fully programmable SLIC parameters allow global compliance through on-chip functions such as 2.5-V rms pulse metering, silent polarity reversal, GR-909 diagnostics, dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) generation/decoding, frequency shift keying (FSK) caller ID generation and modem tone detection — while also eliminating external digital signal processing (DSP) requirements.

The new devices are asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) friendly enabling maximum performance and lower cost board designs for integrated voice and data (IVD) services over a digital subscriber line (DSL), according to Bresemann.

Silicon Laboratories' Si3241 and Si3245 support internal ringing up to -150 V peak to peak and external ringing, respectively. The devices provide the industry's highest printed-circuit board density at 0.5 square inches per port, Bresemann said.

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Samples of the Si3241 and Si3245 ProSLIC are available now in a 100-pin TQFP, with volume planned for Q1 06.

Pricing starts at $9.99 in 10K quantities. Click here for the Si3241 and Si3245 data sheets.

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