Small-scale step-up converter generates high voltages

Designed for low-voltage systems that require a locally generated high-voltage output – such as an avalanche-photodiode, PIN-diode or for varactor-diode biasing – Maxim's MAX15032 low-noise step-up converter features a high-voltage DMOS power switch that boosts output up to 36V and deliver a maximum of 600mW. In addition, an internal charge-pump circuit enables it to cope with low-voltage operation from 2.7V to 11V.

This part, which could be useful for set-top box audio IC supplies and LCD displays, has a pulse-width modulated architecture that allows it to switch at a constant 500kHz frequency to simplify filtering requirements. A shutdown input helps minimise power consumption.

The MAX15032 comes in a 3 x 3mm, 8pin TDFN package and is specified over the automotive temperature range of -40 to +125oC.

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