Smallest charger IC answers call for mobile phones

Dallas—Texas Instruments says its bq24150 switchmode battery charger IC for lithium-ion portable electronics that can be charged from a wall adaptor or a USB port will significantly improve charge time, cut power dissipation, and cut board space in half compared to typical linear IC solutions.

“USB charging continues to grow in popularity, primarily driven by the standardization of a mini-USB 5-volt connector interface, the reduced use of inefficient AC/DC adapters, and implementation of new Chinese charging specifications,” said Masoud Beheshti, manager for battery charge management products. “With billions of USB power ports installed in portable devices worldwide, incorporating TI's new high-efficiency switching charger not only allows for quickly recharging a battery from a USB port, it significantly reduces the amount of heat dissipation when charging—potentially saving consumers millions of watts per year.”

TI touts its bq24150, with integrated 1.25-amp FETs in a 2-by-2 mm flip-chip, as the industry's smallest I2 C programmable buck-charger solution.
Fully complying with USB charging standards, the bq24150 achieves a peak efficiency of up to 92 percent, while supporting a USB battery charging current up to 900 mA to speed the charging rate without exceeding the 500-mA input current limit mandated by the USB standard.

Suited for smart phones, portable media players and other consumer electronics, the 3-MHz charger requires the use of just a 1-microhenry inductor and a few small ceramic capacitors. The solution size is just 7.6-by-10.4 mm. The bq24150 features a reverse boost USB On-the-Go (OTG) mode that generates a voltage to power accessories that are plugged into a mini-USB port, thus eliminating the need for another discrete device. The device's USB-friendly boot-up sequence allows the charge IC to boot autonomously, which helps replenish deeply discharged batteries. In addition, the chip features input current sensing and offers multiple programmable charge parameters through its I2 C interface.

Other key specs include an input current-limit accuracy of ±5 percent, voltage regulation accuracy of ±0.5 percent, safety timer with reset control, and short-circuit, over-voltage, and thermal protection.

Datasheet : Click here.

Pricing and availability : The bq24150 has a suggested resale price of $2 each in 1k quantities. Evaluation modules of the bq24150, design application notes, and TI's online power management selection tool are available through

Texas Instruments , 1-800-477-8924,

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