Smallest load switch with the highest current yet

Employing novel packaging technology, Micrel has responded to demand for ever-smaller components in the handheld battery powered device market by bringing to market what it claims is the smallest load switch with the highest current yet.

Micrel's MIC94040/1/2/3 devices are available in 1.2mm x 1.2mm MLF packages with low on-resistance (down to 28mohm), resulting in extended battery life. Improved thermal performance means the package can supply more than 3A continuous current, enabling applications such as ultra mobile PCs to employ the MIC94040/1/2/3 for high current circuits. In addition, a novel level shift circuitry allows for the control of higher voltage supplies, so that whilst these devices operate from 1.7V to 5.5V input, they can be controlled from as little as 1.5V logic.

The MIC94040 and MIC94041 feature rapid turn on, while the MIC94042 and MIC94043 provide a slew rate controlled Soft-Start turn-on of 116s (typical) to prevent in-rush current. The MIC94041 and MIC94043 also feature an active load discharge circuit that insures capacitive loads are automatically discharged whenever the main switch is in an OFF state.

The MIC94040/1/2/3 are available in volume quantities, and samples can be ordered via Micrel's website

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