Smallest, Most Highly Integrated PSoC Device Yet

Cypress MicroSystems Inc., announced production shipments of its smallest and most highly integrated Programmable System-on-ChipTM (PSoC) mixed-signal array. In addition to four configurable analog blocks and four configurable digital blocks, the CY8C21x34 devices provide eight Kbytes of flash memory for program storage and 512 bytes of SRAM for data, making it ideal for cost-sensitive consumer and industrial control applications such as touch-sensitive control panels, security sensors and control, smart temperature, pressure and flow sensors, large sensor arrays, fan controllers and battery chargers.

The new PSoC's built-in low-Ron 28:1 analog input multiplexer greatly simplifies sensor-control designs. Each of the up to 28 pins has a switch that, when selected, connects it to an analog bus. The bus connects to a configurable analog array which, when combined with on-chip digital resources, enables the creation of complex signal processors.

“The CY8C21x34 offers users the expanded Flash program memory, analog configurability and system integration that they need at a price they can easily afford,” said John McDonald, Vice President of Marketing for Cypress MicroSystems. “This flexibility increases PSoC's core value proposition – and now the already low-priced PSoC solution can further reduce component cost by replacing expensive off-chip multiplexers.”

The CY8C21x34's analog and digital blocks can be configured as 8-bit timers, counters and pulse-width modulators (PWMs). For example, the new device can integrate a full-duplex UART, I2C, SPI, two 10-bit ADCs, and a 28:1 low-Ron analog multiplexer in a single chip, while competing devices require a multi -chip solution. This lowers the overall device count, reduces board size and lowers BOM cost in addition to improving system quality and reliability.

Pricing and Availability

The CY8C21x34, is available in 16 SOIC, 20/28 SSOP and 32 5×5 MLF. It operates between 2.4V and 5.25V from -40 to 85 degrees C. The product is in production and priced as low as $0.99/10,000 units.

More inforations at the company’s website.

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