Smart power management IC targets entry level phones, portable devices

Austriamicrosystems a global designer and manufacturer of analog ICs for communication, industrial, medical and automotive applications, has expanded its smart power management product portfolio with the introduction of the AS3653, a highly integrated solution that is ideally suited to the fast-growing entry level GSM and CDMA phone market.

“Strong growth in the entry-level phone market is being driven by the increasing demand in underdeveloped countries for affordable phones,” said Ronald Tingl, marketing manager for smart power management at austriamicrosystems. “These phones are intended to cover the bare necessities of a mobile phone, namely excellent voice quality and outstanding operating time. The AS3653 provides functions that expand operating time to its maximum, at an outstanding price point, meeting the aggressive bill-of-material challenge of entry level phones.”

The AS3653 is a very highly integrated power management IC including 10 high-performance low-dropout voltage regulators. It has a complete chemistry-independent battery charger that features autonomous trickle charge mode, programmable constant current charging as well as constant voltage and pulse charging, integrated gas gauge, over-voltage protection and operation without battery. Furthermore the AS3653 provides a backup battery charger, LED lighting support, accessory detection, real time clock (RTC), microphone biasing, SIM card I/F with enhanced ESD protection, PWM output and eight GPIOs.

The various types of LDOs — optimized for the supply of digital, analog or RF components – are all programmable in 50mV or 100mV steps by a serial interface which allows for true dynamic power management thus ensuring that the device is always running at its power sweet spot. The outstanding flexibility of the device can be leveraged through the serial interface which enables programming of practically all on-chip functions like LED light patterns, system control functions such as reset generation and interrupt controller, charger modes and the GPIOs.

The AS3653 is available in a small QFN6x6 package. For product specific information and to request samples and demo board please go to

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