SMD op amps meet rugged requirements of military applications

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. developed ten high-bandwidth SMD op amps. These devices, certified to operate over the full military temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, target applications including military avionics, navigations, weapons and control systems.

There are two families of products available. The first family includes three parts featuring fixed-gain amplifiers. The 5962-0625501QHC delivers 350 MHz bandwidth, while the 5962-0625601QHC and 5962-0625602QHC feature up to 1.4 GHz of bandwidth. The 5962-0625501QHC integrates the gain and series resistor to reduce gain error and save board space.

The second family is comprised of seven parts with variable-gain amplifiers. The 5962-0623501QPC, 5962-0623502QPC, 5962-0623601QPC, 5962-0623602QPC, 5962-0721301QHC, 5962-0721302QHC and 5962-0721303QDC include dual and quad versions, which save board space and also reduce the amount of decoupling capacitors, as the op amps share supply pins. These parts feature bandwidth ranges from 500 MHz to 670 MHz. The amps feature 0.01% and 0.01 degrees of differential gain and phase, respectively. The parts offer full MIL-PRF-38535 traceability and change control conformance.

Target applications for the devices include military avionics, weapons, navigation and control systems, homeland security field deployment, industrial controls and harsh environment industrial uses.

Availability: Now
Pricing: Begins at $31.37 each in 100 to 1,000-piece quantities
Data Sheet: 5962-0625501QHC, 5962-0625601QHC, 5962-0623501/502QPC, 5962-0623601/602QPC, 5962-0721301/302/303QHC

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