SO8-packaged dual MOSFET combination saves space without performance compromise

Diodes Incorporated is putting a complementary pair of 100V enhancement mode MOSFETs into an SO8 package to achieve the same performance of larger individually packaged parts.

The ZXMC10A816 is aimed at H-bridge circuits in DC fan and inverter circuits, Class D amplifier output stages and an array of other 48V applications.

The N- and P-channel MOSFET combination enables designers to replace equivalent devices in SOT223 and DPak (TO252) packages thereby reducing board space and component count, as well as simplifying gate drive circuit layouts. The SO8 package's footprint of 31mm2 is 30 percent that of two SOT223 MOSFETs.

The N- and P-channel MOSFETs used in the dual device package exhibit low gate charge and typical RDS(ON) of respectively 230 mΩ and 235 mΩ at VGS of 10 V, ensuring switching and on state losses are minimised. 2.4 W and 2.6 W are respective power dissipation figures.


The ZXMC10A816 complementary dual MOSFET package is priced at US $0.28 in 10K piece quantities.

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